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Uganda Cinema Night Returns Next Month with The Wave
Uganda Cinema Night Returns Next Month with The Wave
Uganda Cinema Night Returns Next Month with The Wave

By Martin Kabagambe​​​​​​​

After a hiatus of approximately two months, the Uganda Cinema Night is set to make a return at the National Theatre with The Wave by Kevin Johns Nabukenya. Scheduled for screenings on September 6th and 13th, this event promises to captivate audiences once again.

The movie that was last shown on National Theatre under the same initiative is Dance Fest Ug by Mugabe Lawrence. The film portrayed an inspirational narrative centered around a child-headed family battling life's fundamental challenges while nurturing an unyielding passion for dance.

"The Wave" follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, weaving a compelling tale of resilience and determination. The story revolves around Juliet and her husband, who navigate the daunting realities of the Covid-19 pandemic. When her husband is placed under quarantine after testing positive, Juliet is thrust into a position of survival for herself and her four children. The film's cast includes Nanfuna Sharon as Juliet, Kalule Brian as Junior, Marjowin Hills Basemera as Kellen, Kitimbo Jonathan Junior as Jerry, and Kaddu Sadat, among others.

Kevin Johns Nabukenya, both the writer and director of the film, draws inspiration from true events that unfolded in the slums of Namuwongo during the pandemic. Notably, the film provides a platform for a special group of individuals—Persons with albinism—by featuring four of them in prominent roles. 

Screengrab from the movie of the character Kellen played by Marjowin Hills Basemera helping her sibling.

"The Wave" has already earned accolades, securing the Viewers' Choice Award at the Uganda Film Festival Awards in 2022, as well as recognition for Best Costume Designer, attributed to Joanah Jojo Nabakiibi, at the New Vision Film Awards of the same year.

While Uganda Cinema Night has faced challenges in attracting viewers in recent years, including limited marketing efforts, subpar film quality, and a fledgling cinema culture within the Ugandan population, the industry is showing signs of revival.

The emergence of new initiatives akin to Uganda Cinema Night, supported by a growing number of exhibitors seeking diverse content, holds promise for cultivating a regular audience for Ugandan films. This resurgence is a shared triumph benefiting not only the emerging initiatives but also established ones like Uganda Cinema Night.

For now, the invitation is extended to all: seize the opportunity to join the rest of the movie lovers at the National Theatre every Wednesday at 7 p.m. Book your ticket to The Wave here

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