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Nyama Short-Film redone as a feature length film titled Small Gods.
Nyama Short-Film redone as a feature length film titled Small Gods.
Nyama Short-Film redone as a feature length film titled Small Gods.

In the heart of Uganda's South Western District of Kisoro lies the untold story of the Batwa people, a community that has lived in the region for centuries. Their story was brought to the limelight in a captivating short film titled Nyama, directed by Asher Rosen. The film explored the lives of a Batwa family and their interactions with tourists and the struggles they go through as a community, in the hills of Kisoro.

Nyama was not just any ordinary short film; it told the story so beautifully that it managed to win numerous awards and accolades at prestigious film festivals in Africa. The movie was named Best Short Film at the African Movie Academy Awards and was selected for numerous festivals, including the Ngalabi Short Film Festival and the Uganda Film Festival.

The success of Nyama has paved the way for a feature film adaptation, entitled Small Gods, which is currently in post-production. The longer version of the film will delve deeper into the lives of the Batwa family, exploring their daily struggles and triumphs. The feature film is also directed by Asher Rosen. Ezra Mugisha is the Assistant Director and co-produced by Shema Faustin.

The production of the film has been a collaborative effort between filmmakers from Poland, the UK, and Uganda. The team has been working closely with the Batwa community to ensure that the film is authentic and represents their culture accurately.

Behind-the-scenes photos for the Small Gods  film shooting in Kisoro. Photo by Isha Images

The feature film stars Turinayo Josam as the son character, who is the winner of an IKON Rising Star Award, Florence Malesena as the mother character, and Bizimana Huseni as the father character. Interestingly, Florence and Turinayo are related in real life, adding an extra layer of authenticity to the film.

The feature film has been in production since last year with shooting taking place in and around the Kisoro region and Kampala.

The feature film promises to be an emotional rollercoaster, exploring themes of family, culture, and identity. The local team’s unique perspective on the region adds a layer of depth to the film, ensuring that it accurately captures the beauty and struggles of the Batwa people.

The film doesn’t stop at exploring culture but also intends to beautifully share the physical feel of living in Kisoro by showcasing the physical landscape with amazing cinematography.

The capture of the beautiful terrain of Kisoro in the behind-the-scenes shooting of Small Gods film. Photo by Isha Images

For those who watched the first one, you will definitely like this feature-length version of it. You can watch the Q&A about the first short here

By Martin Kabagambe

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